Friday, May 30, 2008

Week Two

I've come close to finishing my second week at Myers Park. This was a shorter week, as Monday the office was closed for Memorial Day (if interested, I have written a short piece on Memorial Day on my main blog). Although short, I still was able to participate in a variety of experiences. Jen visited over the weekend and left Tuesday morning. I had a meeting Tuesday morning and also two afternoon meetings. My first afternoon meeting was with Alisa (pastor of local missions), Pastor Charlie (pastor at South Tryon Community Church), and my roommate George. We will be meeting weekly until Alisa leaves, and talking about the relationship between Myers Park and South Tryon. I'm really looking forward to these times as I am very interested in the Myers Park/South Tryon connection.

On Wednesday the director of church communications, Ken Garfield, and I had breakfast together. He worked in the newspaper business for 14 years and thus he has some interesting takes on Myers Park and churches in general. I also had lunch with Kevin Wright, who has just moved to Charlotte to start his pastoral activity at Myers Park UMC. It will be wonderful having him around this summer and I'm glad we can both help each other transition this summer.

Thursday was a lot of fun and a unique day. I went with the Adults Plus! group to Landsford Canal State Park to help grill for their lunch. I spent my early afternoon grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, which was an absolute blast. I also was able to see Landsford's unique clan of Spider Lilies, which are pictured above. They were beautiful! I really enjoyed my time with the group and was surprised that those folks seemed to have more energy than me (Adults Plus! is a group for people 55 years and older, although most are at least 65).

Today, Friday, I'm back in Durham as I traveled back last night to watch the Lost finale with Jen. As expected, it was mind blowing. That show is seriously great. At the moment Jen and I are sitting in Panera bread while she studies and I write blogs. :) When I'm done with this, I'll be enjoying Hauerwas' book "A Better Hope: Resources for a Church Confronting Capitalism, Democracy, and Postmodernity." How I love summer.

Tomorrow I'll head back to Charlotte early in the morning in order to participate in a community event between Myers Park and South Tryon, and then Sunday I will be leading the Church in the Round service at 8:45am. Should be good.


nancy joldersma said...

So good to hear from you Ben! Sounds like a neat opportunity you have at this church this summer! I hope and pray it is a time of great learning and spiritual growth!

Make sure you protect the time you have with Jen and pour deeply into that precious wife of yours!

Love and Miss you! Aunt Nancy

Pat said...

Hi Ben!
Thanks for the updates, it is so neat to hear the way the Lord is using your talents. It sounds as though it will be a very interesting summer for you! I am hoping time goes by quickly for both you and Jen until you are able to be back together again.I pray for you both daily! Love, mom dV